On naked shoots many models bring something to slip over them between set-ups.
Little Alli Jiang wins the prize.
I think it is physically impossible for her to not be cute.  
BTS Foto by my Sexy Sujon.



Kay 2007-

Shot with my Hasselblad, natural light- on film.

l i g h t w o r s h i p

Ginger 2005-


Shelby Belfast


Alyssa Lauren-
©2011 lightworship- 

©2012 lightworship-
C-Stand Partial Suspension. 

Alli Jiang-
©2008 lightworship- 
Rigging by Damon Pierce-  


Whiterabbit0117 asked:
I note your references to Hasselblad frankly I didn’t know they were still around. Doing some on-line checking, wow - they are pricey. Can you tell the difference in image quality, or is it a format preference?

I don’t want to mislead anyone… I am doing most of my shooting digitally these days. However where most of my friends and colleagues are selling off their film cameras I don’t believe I will ever sell mine. I shoot film when the project is dear to me or I have the budget. There is just something about pulling the focus and seeing the image sharpen up on that square ground glass. The sound it makes when that big mirror flops up and the shutter fires. I am having a romance, there is no way around it.  Seeing the black boarder with the trademark Tic marks on the left lets certain people know it was taken with a Blad and this photographer composes in the camera not in the computer. 
I also enjoy shooting with my twin lens Rolleicord. It makes virtually no sound at all when it fires so as not to intimidate models.  They can try and try to create crapstamatic & photoshop filters that recreate the look I get from my old world glass but it isn’t the same. 
Shooting in the square format allows the eye to circle in an almost whirlpool motion drawing you into the center. I find myself still cropping into the square even when I shoot digital.  Then there is that BIG NEGATIVE, gives me a hard-on every time.
I couldn’t afford one of the new Hasselblad Digi cameras to save my life! They are Monsters! But you can find good, clean used hasselblad equipment at excellent prices at KEH. Even the glass is less now then when I bought it 20 years ago!!!