It’s no secret, Akira Lane is a favorite of mine! When a film crew said they want to shoot me in action I knew Akira was the one to call!

Ever feel like you’re being WATCHED?Today a film crew came to my place to film me working with the incredible Akira Lane. I can’t talk about this project yet but I hope to have some exciting news soon! 

Last year I was contacted by someone working on a Arnold Schwarzenegger movie who asked if they could see some of my images. They told me they were looking to license a “Playboy Style” image to tack on the wall of a bad guys hideout in the flick. I asked “Well if these are really bad guys maybe they would have a picture of a tied up girl on their wall!” They laughed and said they didn’t think that would fly but that I could send some images like that as well for consideration. Out of the hundreds of photos I showed them they picked not one but two images of Akira Lane! In the centerfold style photo she is tied up and looking gorgeous! 

On Valentines day Sujon and I saw the trailer for “Sabotage” at the movie theater and I turned to her and said “I think I saw my photo!” I was right! HERE you can watch the RED Band trailer for Sabotage and sure enough about 30 seconds in you see a bad guy get blown away by a machine gun as Akira watches from the wall! I am hoping in the movie maybe we see it a little better but even if we don’t I still think it is kind of fun.

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