In the last 24 hours I’ve picked up 35 new Followers taking me over the 5,000 mark! On top of that over 1,600 Notes! That it pretty crazy!
Thank you everyone, I enjoy what I do for a living and I’m glad you do to!

Hell Yeah! 4,500 Followers!
Over 200 new followers in the last month alone!
I remember be excited over 20 new followers in a month!
Thank you everyone for all the notes and reblogs!
I shall try to keep you entertained!

Four Thousand Followers!
4K Tumblr Freaks Just Like ME! Take my Facebook, Take my Twitter (no… REALLY… TAKE MY TWITTER!) But don’t Fucking Touch my TUMBLR!!!
Thank You Everyone.

During the night I rocketed past 3,500 followers!
I enjoy working on this blog, I am glad everyone is enjoying it.
Please help support this blog by purchasing my book!
"Strictly Bondage" available on Amazon for a price so low I can’t mention it here!

I appreciate each and every one of you. 
Thank you for all the Likes and Reblogs!

My 900th Post! 
Why anyone would want to cover Akira Lane’s  magnificent Breast with a Dress is beyond me.
2,277 Followers after 900 post.
That means I average 5 new followers every other time I post.  
The Math makes me feel good! 
Also makes me feel like I need to POST MORE!!! 

37 New Followers since yesterday-
Greetings to all the new people,
I will try to keep you entertained.  


Alter Ego-
Yesterday my friend Dave Naz and I trudged up a hill in my neighborhood of Highland Park to take a promotional photo of the character I play in many of my photographs. 
In the photo you will notice the three items I can not shoot without- My Camera, My Rope Bag and My Apple Box.

While cleaning out a closet in my office I found a cardboard box stuffed with old 5x7 Silver Gelatin RC prints. While I love finds like this, its really kind of bad because these prints should not have been stored this way for so long. No damage was done thankfully. This image, I believe, may represent my first exploration into the practice of playing a part in my own photographic scenarios. I am having so much fun and success doing it now, I don’t know why I waited so long to do it agin after this first time.
Notice the old fashioned “air bulb” cable release that runs from my hand to the camera. I had to squeeze it each time to take a photo.  
I will try to find the energy to scan some more of these over the next few weeks. As always thank you to all my long time followers and greetings to the new ones! 


I shot this image of Ginger, on Tri-X film, back in 2005.
This makes my 600th post. 
I am amazed to have over 1,200 followers.
Fantastic new images are on the horizon, stay tuned!  
©2005 lightworship- 

This morning I was hired by Triangle films to photograph Ariel-X and  Veruca James.
When I got home I was very happy to see we had crossed the 1,100 follower mark!
100 new followers in exactly 10 days.  


This makes me very happy.Thank you to all my followers!  

This makes me very happy.
Thank you to all my followers!  


I’ve just gotten back from the beach to find I am well over 900 followers! 
Thank you everyone!

That makes 101 post this month!

Good thing for you guys I’m so addicted to TUMBLR! 
I’m totally GREEDY for new followers!
I hope to hit 900 today, we shall see. 

A new layout +100 New Followers in just 8 Days!-

I’ve just returned from the LFP office where I picked up my latest Taboo layout featuring Carissa Montgomery. 10 pages plus the inside cover! 

When I got home I noticed that I’m now at 800 followers, which is pretty awesome considering that I hit 700 followers last Sunday! 

Thank you to all my followers new and old.  
Lots of new stuff is coming!